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“Robotics”  9-11 October 2017 While robots were restricted to closed recensions on factory floors in the past, robots and humans will interact ever more closely in the future. Robots will present in the houses, where they will help cleaning for example. They will help older person to get out of […]

PACE Thematic Workshop III in Genoa : Save the date ...

“Active inference: Bayesian modelling of perception, action and the brain”  12 – 14 October 2016                     The second Thematic Workshop will take place in Lyon and is organised by PACE partner and beneficiary WTCN, in collaboration with local experts in ‘active […]

Save the date! PACE Thematic Workshop II in Lyon

Sam Sober
“Making a sense of a rich world: multimodal integration in complex environments” The first PACE Thematic took place in Marseille, at l’Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone from 27 to 29 January 2016. Early Stage Researchers and Principal Investigators from partner organisations gathered for a series of talks and hands-on […]

First PACE Thematic Workshop in INT Marseille