Lab picture ESR10
About me… My name is Alix, I am French. I was at first doing biology studies with a specialty in genetics but after an internship in the USA on neuroscience I decided to continue in that way and did a master in neuroscience, cognition and behavior. Finally, I am doing […]

Alix de Dieuleveult

ESR14 Lab
About me… I was born in Medellin, Colombia. I am Bioengineer and have a Master Degree in Rehabilitation Sciences. I have enjoyed the opportunities to work in several interdisciplinary groups in Brazil, Canada and, currently, Israel. My dream is to see Colombia and South America strongly interested and dedicated to […]

Desiderio Cano Porras

ESR4 Lab
About me… My name is Jacob, and I come from Austin, Texas, USA. I started out studying psychology at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and then I moved to Germany to pursue a master’s degree in cognitive neuroscience at the University of Bonn. Now I am a member of […]

Jacob Nelson