Save the date! PACE Thematic Workshop II in Lyon

“Active inference: Bayesian modelling of perception, action and the brain”

 12 – 14 October 2016












The second Thematic Workshop will take place in Lyon and is organised by PACE partner and beneficiary WTCN, in collaboration with local experts in ‘active Inference’ from the Cortex multi-lab Research Program based in the Université de Lyon.

Active inference is an important theoretical framework – developed by Karl Friston (UCL) – which proposes that both perception and action can be cast as Bayesian inference. In doing so, it extends the popular ‘Bayesian brain’ hypothesis beyond perception, into motor control and decision-making. It also makes predictions about how Bayesian computations might be performed by cortical circuits (e.g. using predictive coding) that can be tested using imaging methods.

Day 1 of the workshop will consist of introductory lectures focusing on applications of active inference to behavioural and brain imaging data analyses most relevant to PACE ESRs.

Days 2 and 3 will provide a broader and deeper overview of the different domains of application of active inference. The international expert speakers will bring together knowledge about the brain at different scales of analyses as well as from different perspectives (from robotics to clinical psychiatry) and will foster discussions about new applications.

The workshop will be open to other students outside the PACE and Cortex networks, although external students will be charged a small registration fee.

Draft programme: 20160628_Agenda_TW2draft

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