Qinqi Xu

About me…


I am Qinqi, come from China where I got my bachelor degree in Mechatronics Engineering. Then I moved to Singapore and obtained my M.Sc in Smart Product Design from Nanyang Technological University. After my Master, I worked as a research assistance in Singapore University of Technology and Design, where I found my great interests in innovative design and computational modeling. Currently I am pursuing my PhD in Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT, Genova).


Why I joined PACE…

The idea of perception and action in complex environment involving research and applications on both human behavior and control methodology is very attractive to me. And it’s an excellent opportunity to work in an international group with great researchers in wide range of expertise.


My project…

Many actions in our life include operation on articulated objects, such as opening a door or using scissors. This project will unveil the following 2 questions: How people learn to manipulate articulated object accurately? And how adults and children interact with articulated object with and without vision. Meanwhile, the discovered principle will be applied to robot control.




I went to VU Amsterdam, Netherlands in November-December 2017.

Learn more about my secondment here.


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