As part of their training, PACE fellows took the opportunity to do a secondment in a partner institution during their PhD.

Take a look at their reports below !

Alessia Cacace on secondment

I completed my secondment at TNO Soesteberg (The Netherlands) under the supervision of Dr Anne-Marie Brouwer with whom I share a vivid interest for Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI). The secondment took place on several weeks during year 2 and 3 of my PhD for a total of 1 month (31 days). We planned my first […]

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Alix de Dieuleveult on secondment

This report aims to outline the various activities and experiences I had when doing my secondment at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam between May and July 2016 (not continuous). During this secondment, I had the opportunity to run my own experiment on the sensory integration deficits that occur during healthy aging. I have designed […]

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Qinqi Xu on secondment

Host Institution: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands. Dates of Stay: November 14th to December 9th 2016. Research topic: Visuo-motor control Project: How seeing articulated tools helps guide the tip of the tool to its target   Objectives The objective of the secondment is to facilitate sharing of knowledge and new skill acquisition in visual-motor control, enable […]

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Lisa Knelange on secondment

Between August and October 2017, I spent 6 weeks in Marseille, at the Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone (INT). The main reason to go there was because of their excellent knowledge on EEG analyses, and of their work with the KINARM, a robotic device used for force-field and spatial perturbation tasks. During my stay […]

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Valentina Vencato on secondment

I did two secondments: June and July 2017: Institut de Neurociències and Departament de Cognició i Desenvolupament, Universitat de Barcelona (Supervisor: Prof. Joan López-Moliner). During those two months we extended our behavioral study on saccadic reaction time estimation to a manual response task.   August 2017: Department of Biomedical Engineering and Zlotowski Center for Neuroscience, Ben-Gurion […]

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Jacob Nelson on secondment

My secondment took place at the Istituto Itialiano di Tecnologia (Italian Institute for Technology) from 24 October to 11 November, 2016, as well as from 27 February to 3 March, 2017. For the first two weeks, I worked closely with Monica Gori and Luigi Cuturi on an auditory localization task wherein blindfolded sighted participants sat […]

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Ljubica Jovanovic on secondment

I have spent two months (January-March 2017) in the group of Joan López-Moliner in Institut de Neruociències and Departament de Cognició i Desenvolupament, Universitat de Barcelona. The main purpose of my stay was to conduct an experiment, bringing together time perception and confidence research from the Paris lab and sensory-motor approach adopted in Barcelona.   […]

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Kiana Mansour Pour on secondment

  I did my secondment under the supervision of Pascal Mamassian at the Laboratoire des Systèmes Perceptifs (LSP) in Paris. I spent almost a month at the LSP investigating how speed uncertainty influences human motion perception under naturalistic conditions.   Specifically, we studied how the visual system integrates motion energy across different spatio-temporal channels to […]

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