PACE Network Meeting II in Barcelona – Save the date

University of Barcelona - Neuroscience Institute


The second PACE annual Network Meeting (NM2) will take place from 20 to 22 February 2017 in Barcelona and hosted by PACE network partner Universitat de Barcelona (UB).

This network meeting is central in the PACE project. The theme of NM2 will be around “Scientific communication and publishing”, to prepare early-stage researchers to write and publish articles at a key moment in their project thesis. Most importantly, NM2 coincides with the PACE Mid-term review. All PACE partners will gather to assess mid-point results and review the progress of the entire project with representatives from the Research Executive Agency (REA), in preparation of the periodic report due in March 2017.
The first day will be dedicated to transferable skills with lectures in scientific communication by PACE associated partner, SISSA, the Interdisciplinary laboratory for Natural and Humanistic Sciences (Innovations in the Communication of Sciences –ICS). PACE early-stage researchers will learn how to write papers “that get cited” and “proposals that get funded”. They will also understand how to address different audiences.

The second day, ESRs will continue to further their knowledge on “Publishing your research” with a series of practical lectures with the department of Academic and Researcher Development at the University of Durham. PACE Network partners will hold a business meeting and the day will close with key talks from members of PACE supervisory boards, Pr. Karl Gegenfurtner, Pr. Tamar Flash, and PACE Ethics Advisor Yvonne Delevoye.

The last day will be dedicated to the mid-term review meeting with the PACE Project Advisor and an expert from the Research Executive Agency (REA). ESRs will present their project advancement through oral presentations of 10 minutes. They will meet with the REA representatives to discuss their experiences with the Network. This NM2 will conclude on a meeting to summarise the output of the Network to date, and possibly by identifying training areas for future exploitation.

Full programme: PACE NM2 Agenda