PACE First Network Meeting in Amsterdam: save the date

VU building



The PACE first annual Network Meeting (NM1) will take place from 22 to 25 May in Amsterdam and hosted by PACE network partner Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU).

The Network meeting will begin with a visit to MOTEK Forcelink. The visit will include a demonstration of the Virtual Reality environment application, food and drinks, and an opportunity for informal discussions on secondments between early stage researchers and principal investigators.

The next day, ESRs will present their project advancement through oral presentations of 15 minutes followed by 15 minutes of questions and discussion. The audience will be the Principal Investigators and other fellow ESRs of the PACE Network. It will be an opportunity for ESRs to showcase their first results, discuss them in depth with experts of different fields and to receive important feedback on their oral presentations.

The second day will start with the PACE partners’ meeting, in which ESR progress and secondments wishes will be reviewed. A formal meeting between ESRs and PIs will follow to formalise secondments.

ESRs and PIs will then attend a presentation in Ethical, legal and social implications of biotechnology and bio-medicine, by Doret de Ruyter, professor of Philosophy of Education at VU. Romano Beitsma will open the training and transferable skills sessions with a lecture on Intellectual Property and Research (patents).

The third day will be dedicated to training by the University of Durham in cohort building and research integrity so as to provide ESRs with solid skills in leadership, management, and team-working.