I completed my secondment at TNO Soesteberg (The Netherlands) under the supervision of Dr Anne-Marie Brouwer with whom I share a vivid interest for Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI). The secondment took place on several weeks during year 2 and 3 of my PhD for a total of 1 month (31 […]

Alessia Cacace on secondment

alix secondment
This report aims to outline the various activities and experiences I had when doing my secondment at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam between May and July 2016 (not continuous). During this secondment, I had the opportunity to run my own experiment on the sensory integration deficits that occur during […]

Alix de Dieuleveult on secondment

Host Institution: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands. Dates of Stay: November 14th to December 9th 2016. Research topic: Visuo-motor control Project: How seeing articulated tools helps guide the tip of the tool to its target   Objectives The objective of the secondment is to facilitate sharing of knowledge and new skill […]

Qinqi Xu on secondment