Image credit : IIT   With the continuous evolution of technology, robots have been comprehensively developed and have increasingly entered our lives. A companion robot is one capable of providing useful assistance in a socially acceptable manner as “family member” or “work partner”. Fancy scenarios used to be described in […]

“Robot awakening”: Do we need to be vigilant? by Qinqi ...

“The GRAIL: gait lab of the future. Immersive and interactive virtual reality environments with real-time analysis of walking may be the next step forward in rehabilitation”. Credits: Motekforce Link   We may be within reach of a revolution in rehabilitation. It can be considered the culmination of advances in computing, […]

Virtual reality: more than just a game by Adam Booth

Image credit : Pixabay In few decades, cutting-edge technologies and methodologies have been speeding up advances in all neuroscientific disciplines. This amount of data exponentially increased, leading to new important evidences. Albeit, on one side, this stockpile of data embodies the pillars of science progress, on the other side, it […]

Bursting neuroscientific intellectual apartheid by Valentina Vencato